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Aug 17, 2019

1.61-Carat Round Shape Natural Diamond

At Licia B Jewels, we take pride in offering you a stunning selection of 1.61-carat round shape natural diamonds. Whether you're searching for the perfect stone for an engagement ring, pendant, or any other exquisite piece of jewelry, our collection is sure to meet your needs.

Unmatched Beauty and Quality

Each 1.61-carat round shape natural diamond in our collection is meticulously sourced and handcrafted with utmost care. Our team of expert jewelers ensures that every diamond in our inventory meets the highest standards of beauty and quality.

These magnificent diamonds exhibit exceptional brilliance, fire, and scintillation, ensuring that your jewelry piece will catch the eye and captivate the hearts of those around you. With their classic round shape, these diamonds are timeless and versatile, perfect for any occasion.

Exceptional Value

At Licia B Jewels, we understand that purchasing a 1.61-carat round shape natural diamond is a significant investment. That's why we take pride in offering exceptional value to our valued customers.

By cutting out the middlemen and sourcing our diamonds directly from trusted suppliers, we are able to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. With us, you'll experience the joy of owning a stunning diamond without breaking the bank.

Expert Guidance

Choosing the perfect diamond can be an overwhelming experience, and we're here to help. Our highly knowledgeable and friendly team of jewelry experts is ready to assist you at every step of the way.

From understanding the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) to finding a diamond that fits your budget and personal style, our experts will provide the guidance you need to make an informed decision. We prioritize your satisfaction and want to ensure that your diamond purchase brings you a lifetime of joy.

Unmatched Customer Service

Your experience with Licia B Jewels doesn't end with your purchase. We pride ourselves on providing unmatched customer service to our valued clients.

From timely delivery to hassle-free returns and exchanges, we go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our customers, and we'll always be here to assist you with any after-sales support you may require.

Shop with Confidence

When you shop with Licia B Jewels, you can rest assured that you're making a smart and secure purchase. We are a trusted name in the jewelry industry, and our customers' satisfaction is our top priority.

All our diamonds come with proper certification and documentation, guaranteeing their authenticity and quality. We also provide detailed product descriptions and high-resolution images to give you a clear understanding of the diamond's characteristics.

Browse our Collection Today

Ready to find the perfect 1.61-carat round shape natural diamond for your jewelry piece? Visit our website or contact us to browse our exquisite collection. We're confident you'll find the diamond of your dreams, backed by exceptional quality, value, and customer service.

Shop with confidence at Licia B Jewels, your premier source for fine jewelry.

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